Tuesday, December 6, 2016


WTSD students recently connected with OCEARCH shark trackers using blended learning tools as part of a new STEM curriculum.  OCEARCH is the world leader in tracking marine species such as great white and tiger sharks.  On November 17th TRS students met online with OCEARCH Founding Chairman and Expedition Leader Chris Fischer via Skype.  Fischer discussed OCEARCH’s Global Shark Tracker and taught students how to be stewards of the ocean. Fischer also discussed some of his 26 worldwide shark tracking expeditions.

5th and 6th grade teachers were trained on how to bring the OCEARCH Shark Tracker into their classrooms. Now that WTSD is 1:1 with Chromebooks, our students and teachers have the devices and freedom to access online tools like the Shark Tracker.  The OCEARCH STEM Curriculum is a fantastic example of how engaging and relevant blended learning can be for our students.

After the interactive online session with Fischer, our students continued to utilize the OCEARCH Shark Tracker on their Chromebooks during standards-based lessons in the fields of anatomy, statistics, cartography, and physics.