Saturday, August 20, 2016

Standards-based Report Cards Coming to Daniel Webster School in 2016-17

As a an educator and father of four (including a 2nd grader and a Kindergartener), I am keenly aware of the need for accurate communication between schools and families.  For too long schools have provided K-2 students with letter and number grades. Such traditional reporting does not provide precise information as to students’ academic progress and development.

Daniel Webster School will be utilizing standard-based report cards starting in 2016-17 to more accurately provide families with information on how students are progressing towards mastery of grade-level standards.  Mrs. Rudowsky, Daniel Webster School Principal, and Ms. McGinley, Supervisor of Elementary Education, chaired a committee of teachers and specialists to develop the new report cards.  The DWS report cards are based upon the New Jersey Student Learning Standards and incorporate elements from model schools who already utilize standards-based report cards.  An important additional component of the DWS report cards is the Independent Reading Level.  Every student will have their reading level assessed four times beginning in September 2016 utilizing the Diagnostic Reading Assessment (DRA2). This vital information will enable parents to select appropriate and challenging reading materials for their children that best support their academic growth.  The standard-based report cards will be provided to parents on a trimester basis rather than the previous quarterly system.  The trimester system will allow more time to focus on skill development.  Mrs. Rudowsky and Mrs. McGinley will be presenting on the new standards-based report cards to the DWS PTO in September and at the DWS back-to-school nights.

The new standards-based report cards can be viewed by clicking here.

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